Reverse Logistics

rev-log01It is well known that shipments of freight are in a single direction. That means anybody wanting to fit a monitoring solution to their shipment has the problem of either getting the device back from a customer or returning device for the next shipment. With E-Containerlock Guardfreight has looked to provide a solution.

Designed into the device is the ability to carry the documentation, and in some cases the packaging, to allow for the safe collection and return of the device to your chosen destination.

You will need to arrange a collection service with your courier. Before sending your unit to be fitted to a container print out a returns AWB* from your courier that will see the device collected and automatically shipped to the destination of your choice once it is removed from the container.

rev-log-4-newThe returns AWB can be placed into a document envelope and placed into the document carrier on the unit. Once fitted to the container access to the documents is not possible.

When the container is at its destination and the E-Containerlock is removed the unit can be placed in a suitable box** and the documents placed on the outside. A call to the local courier will see the device collected and delivered to your chosen destination ready for redeployment.

Single trip Use

Guardfreight will soon be looking to provide a per trip service where units are supplied to your container from a local depot and returned to a depot local to the removal location. In this way you will only need to pay for single trips and have no dormant devices in your inventory.



*Air Way Bill     ** Guardfreight can supply suitable boxes if required.