E-Containerlock – The fundamental Problem

All shipping containers are fundamentally vulnerable to illegal access. Even those sealed with the best customs approved, International Standard ISO 17712 seals. The problem is the vulnerability of the container itself.

Everybody is aware of this and the criminal element is able to take advantage of this. That is why there are industry wide losses of around $80bn per year. E-Containerlock looks to re-balance that.

Just having a tracking device will not significantly add to the security of the shipment, even though some GPS tracking suppliers will try to tell you it will.

E-Containerlock is more than just a tracking device. E-Containerlock integrates with the locking gear of any shipping container and immediately commence monitoring the integrity of the doors. Activation is automatic and alerts for opening, removal and tampering give you the peace of mind that what goes in the container before it is closed will still be in the container when you open it, or you will have been notified if there has been an event.

The Product – E-Containerlock

The E-Containerlock is the core product in our range. Primarily designed for fitting to and automatically activating on any ISO shipping container in seconds.

E-Containerlock constantly monitors the integrity of the container doors and provides alerting of removal, opening and tampering. Additional positional information can be used for logistics reporting, position related alerts and many other business specific functions.

E-Containerlock is a robust IP67 unit powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries that depending on the configuration* have a reporting duration per charge of many months.

All of the reporting types and schedules are configurable to best meet you specific requirements.

* Expecting reporting per charge ranges from in excess of 1yr for 1 scheduled report per day to around 14days when configured for motion reporting at 5min intervals.

Download the Specification Sheets