“In a market segment that is largely dominated by a proliferation of “Scratch Built” offerings, Guardfreight’s Container Tracking hardware follows a design philosophy that has resulted in a self contained unit that is both “fit-for-purpose” and yet flexible enough to extend across this segments numerous applications”.

Steven Sutherland

Sales Director – Rest of Africa

MiX Telematics

The E-Containlock by GuardFreight is an extremely well thought out and designed trailer and container locking device.  It’s perfect for ensuring the integrity of cross-border shipments and yet still efficiently serves the long-haul and transcontinental shipments.  Through the E-Containerlock’s highly intelligent design and common sense approach, it provides immediate detection and notification of door opening or tampering.  It is both light and robust, making it very easy to install and yet strong enough to withstand the physical challenges of the commercial shipping industry.

I particularly like the tracking and sensor features which are integrated with route integrity and geofence security features.  In combination, these capabilities allow for advanced scenarios to detect anomalies and suspicious events in real-time.  All in all, the E-Containerlock provides an excellent reusable conveyance security and tracking solution for high value and high risk shipments as well as essential goods .  In addition, GuardFreight has proven to provide excellent support and clearly recognizes the challenges of the industry through their innovative and progressive solutions.




Bob, Gray, P.E. SecureOrigins, Inc.,