A few words about us

Guardfreight is a company dedicated to developing industry specific, cost effective solutions that provide security and monitoring solutions to the intermodal freight industry. It is the aim of Guardfreight through these products to be able to reduce the estimated $80billion losses the freight industry experiences every year due to theft.

The core of the Guardfreight product line up is the E-Containerlock. This product with its adapters and variants can be fitted in seconds to almost any freight transportation type, to provide you with an auditable, monitored solution for you freight movements with alerts for any exceptional events.

Our capabilities

Providing the Complete Solution

We can provide you with a complete solution from an industry specific device through to a highly configurable platform and even the SIM.

If you already have a platform we can provide you with the guidance to integrate E-Containerlock

We can provide the backup and training to enable you to get the most out of the E-Containerlock solution.

Bespoke Solutions tailored to your Requirements

Our management and applications team will look at your issues and suggest a solution that utilises E-Containerlock, the platform and the communications and also if necessary the need to and adaptation for you particular transportation type.